Community Pet Plan

Managing a pet community properly takes a great deal of knowledge and experience. Communities can turn to the APA for the help necessary to satisfy both pet owner and non pet owners.



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Updated: August, 28, 2011


Going Local

The APA Community Pet Plan is going local! Look for an APA Community Representative in your area.

Updated: August 29, 2011


Planned Pet Communities

demoSometimes you just need a plan! The APA can help your community be a better pet community, for the pet, the pet own and those who do not own pets!

Updated: August, 28, 2011


The Community Pet Plan!

The Plan is designed to allow pet owners to be a positive addition to their communities and to be sure that their pets are able to live within the community while;

1) Not being a nuisance or bother to area residents
2) Being safe and sanitary
3) Not having a negative effect on wildlife
4) Living humane, positive and happy lives

Resulting in;

1) Higher occupancy and retention rates for the community
2) More profitable community
3) Less friction among residents
4) Fewer distractions for management staff


The Plan includes:

  • Pet owner responsible pet ownership agreement
    Outlines proper training, treatment and social interaction with the pet
    Non aggressive dog training
  • Area specific pet policy agreement - Customized for your community
    Acceptable off leash areas (if any)
    Waste disposal requirements
    Interaction with other pet owners
    Interaction with non pet owners
    Dog barking policy
    Cat containment policy (no cat should ever run free)
  • Non Pet Owner expectation information sheet
    How to interact with community pets
    Acceptable and non acceptable pet behavior
  • Acceptable containment policy
  • Pet waste stations

Plus APA Mediation Services

The goal of The Plan is to have pet owners live in complete harmony with non pet owners. When issues do arise we strive to identify the problem, offer solutions and enforce positive outcomes.

Pet complaints can be filed with the APA.  The APA addresses the complaint with the pet owner and, if appropriate, helps the pet owner with corrective action or advises community leaders on what action to take.

The APA will mediate issues between pet owners and the community. 

24 hour contact with pets owners to address potential issues (barking, running free, etc.)

APA Guardian Membership for Pet Owners

Every pet owner in your community will receive a Guardian Membership.

  • Trainers and behaviorists on staff for help with pet owning issues
  • Containment specialists for help with enclosure issues
  • 24 hour pet recovery services to get lost pets home quickly and safely
  • Pet owning reference to reduce or eliminate pet deposits (after 1 year of membership)
  • Emergency boarding, transportation or medical care
  • Discounts at local participating veterinary facilities

The Community Pet Plan offers significant benefits to pet owner, non pet owning neighbors, the environment and the community in general.

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