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Product, Service and Facility Approval


The APA Approval is the most effective and reliable approval available in any industry.

Our feedback system eliminates "revenge" and false or trivial feedback and enables us to have approvals that are always current.

We do not play big brother to our approved businesses, but rather support them and their ability to provide outstanding service.

Approval Standards

The only approval that includes Humane Treatment of Animals, Cleanliness and Safety of Facility AND
Ethical Business Practices of the Owner and Employees

Many organizations that offer approvals merely take a fee in return for the approval. Or, they offer an approval based on how much business, or advertising, a company does with them. This is a great disservice to consumers and the APA considers this practice unethical.

Others demand that the business follow strict guidelines that restrict a business far too much for no real value to consumers.

APA's approvals are based on real world experiences with the products, services and facilities. We have a very effective process of approval, as well as extensive ongoing feedback analysis.

One major benefit for consumers is that APA Approved facilities and products receive positive, neutral and negative feedback from our web site. This allows them the opportunity to receive feedback from a third party (APA) that they would not have otherwise received. Businesses can recognize problems and fix them not only to better their customer service but maintain their approval.

With our feedback system we experience many variables. It is realistic in our world today that someone may have a bad experience with a product or a service that otherwise has an outstanding reputation. We realize also that the consumer can sometimes be the source of the problem. All factors are taken into consideration as we are only interested in the facts and the effect on consumers.

Any business or product that does not meet our standards will promptly be denied approval during the inspection or reference process.

Why consumers can rely on the APA Approval:

The "5 Stars" of Approval

  1. Humane Treatment of pets and people
  2. Business Ethics
  3. References and ongoing feedback
  4. Annual Inspection of the facility
  5. Safety and Cleanliness of the Facility

After 1 year facilities may receive "Silver" or "Gold" 5 Star Approval Status, at no additional charge, based on outstanding standards of a business.

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