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Why do we not provide a list of approved businesses?

We specifically do not provide a list of approved businesses because this is NOT a referral service. 

Referral services almost never work. At the APA, we realize that people are not going to come to the APA web site, or any other web site, to find a pet business in their area.

We could publish a list and easily sell APA Approved as a referral service, but there is only one problem, we have ethics. Businesses are tired of purchasing marketing services that don't work.

However, we still can improve a businesses client base. The only advertising that consistently works is local advertising, with your business signage being the most important. Other forms of advertising offer varied results such as yellow pages, local papers and local radio or TV. Using the American Pet Association Approved logo in any of these forms of advertising help them to become significantly more efficient. 

Pet Businesses only have a few seconds to make a first impression. When a potential customer sees their ad, sign or walks in a shop they need to convey to them that they are reputable and the customer's pet will be treated extremely well.

In addition, the value of the feedback system and mediation services can help a business to run better, and be more successful.

Pet owners now have an easy answer to a long standing problem: How do I know if I can trust your business with my beloved pet?

Business Owners can now convey the answer to that concern immediately and reliably. Plus they have tools to make them a better business.

If you want to check on the status of an approval or leave feedback for a business, please click the gold links at the top of every page.