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A letter in 2008 from an angry pet owner made a big change for us here at the APA. This woman had a serious problem with a pet care business she had recently used. One paragraph stood out and called us to action.

"Even with recent government regulations, you cannot tell if a business owner is kind to the pets in their care, is a fair and honest business person or that their facility is a safe and humane environment for my pet. What are you doing about it?"

Since 1991 APA Members have turned to us to recommend products, services and facilities. This is not something we have taken lightly.  APA Members know they can count on us for an unbiased position on all pet issues. We do not accept corporate donations or sell advertising at our web sites or newsletters; this allows us to remain unbiased in our decisions.

The Approval Department was made to meet this demand for all pet owners, not just our members. The APA's ethics are the highest in the industry and this department is a perfect example. Our approval fee is solely to cover the process of approval, and approval is never guaranteed. We encourage feedback from all consumers and every feedback form is personally addressed by an APA Employee.

Buy, use, visit with confidence, submit your feedback and be part of the process!

Recent Approvals

The only Business Approval that includes Humane Treatment of Animals, Cleanliness and Safety of Facility AND Ethical Business Practices of the Owner and Employees.

The only Product Approval that not only conducts extensive real world testing, but ongoing testing and consumer feedback as well.