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Dogs in Suds Pet Grooming|
Hendersonville, NC

Very clean well organized facility with emphasis on safety and care for the pets.

Approval # 32847

Rachel's Groom-N-Room
Box Elder, SD

Providing professional, personal service for 21 years.

Approval # 32726
Fancy Paws Pet Salon
Winston Salem, NC

The finest in personal service.

Pet Grooming
Pet Bathing

Approval # 32997
North States Industry
Entire product line Approval!

"A superior quality pet gate and containment line with innovative features and high quality construction. All testers enthusiastically recommended these products.” - Marcie Sapp, APA Approval Director

Product Line Approval #
"Just Because for Dogs"

"The APA does not currently offer approval for food products, but made an exception for this outstanding product" - Marcie Sapp, APA Approval Director

Treats for special dogs
with special needs.

Specially designed for dogs that are overweight, have allergies or diabetes.

APA Approval # 33003
Bark Street Dog Spa

Charlotte's first self service dog bathing facility!

Also offering:
Finest of foods
Treats and Grooming Supplies
Full Service Bathing & Grooming

APA Approval # 32996

Pet Zen Dog Treadmill

Inclement winter weather can make it difficult to ensure proper exercise for pets. Named 2009 Top Pet Fitness and Health Product, the DogTread motorized dog treadmill, is the safe and simple way to keep pets healthy and happy year-round.



APA Approval ID# 32718

Arden Animal Hospital
Arden NC

42 years serving Arden!

We loved this business because they were so loved by their customers, and they don't use email :)

Approval # 33005
Otto Step

Your dog can now easily step into, or out of, the back of your SUV, no more picking up hind legs or having your pet struggle to get into the vehicle!

 This product was tested and not only showed to be exactly as advertised, but proved to be an innovative product whose time has come.

After the testing and approval period, the product has continued to be used with the same outstanding results.  We enthusiastically recommend this product to any pet owner with medium to large, traveling dogs.

APA Approval # 9852

Shannon's Pet Sitting

Elk Grove, IL

Daily & Overnight Visits
  • Walking, playing, & brushing
  • Cleaning Litter Boxes
  • Giving Medications such as:
    Pills, liquids, injections, inhalers & subcutaneous fluids (additional charge for subcutaneous fluids).
  • Hand Feeding Birds
  • Special Food/Meal Preparation
  • Collect mail & Newspapers
  • Feeding & replenishing water
    Taking out garbage on scheduled days
  • Watering Plants
  • Nail Trims
  • Ear Cleaning

    APA Approval # 32512

Arden TLC Kennel
Arden NC

Spacious and comfortable facility
with great care of the animals!

Approval # 32826

Snap 2 It

Snaps™ offers a unique collar designed to display a variety of snap-on fashion ornaments. This interchangeable collection gives you the opportunity to create the perfect fashion accessory to highlight your pet's personality and charm or give them distinctive style for holidays and special occasions. With Snaps™ you can personalize, be creative and have fun. Collect them all!

APA Approval # 32717