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Why become APA Approved?

"There is no single better way to increase your income"

In today's economy every business decision you make is more important than ever. Obtaining new clients, and showing existing clients you are still committed to higher standards, can be critical in your long term success.

When new customers are deciding who to give their business to, they know they can count on the APA to have done the work for them and they will consistently choose you over your competition that did not have the standards or forethought to become APA Approved.

Most successful businesses in the US are chains or franchises.  This is based on the concept that the customer knows what to expect before walking in the door. It is incredibly successful.

Being an independent business has some great advantages, but you loose the ability to instill confidence in prospective customers before they walk in your door. APA Approval takes away the biggest disadvantage of being an independent business.

By being able to use the APA Approved logo at your facility and in all of your advertising, you are able to clearly communicate your commitment to the highest level of service in an instant.

Benefits of approval:

  1. Increase consumer confidence in your business, and ultimately your customer base. Get more new customers and keep more existing customers.
  2. An average newly APA Approved business increases income 9-18% the first year. Some businesses have reported greater than 40% increase (not typical).
  3. Receive referrals directly from the APA.
  4. Receive customer feedback directly through the APA.
  5. Use APA Approved logo in all marketing materials, on vehicles and at your facility.
  6. Become a better source of promoting responsible pet ownership.
  7. APA Approval Plaque for your facility, stickers for your vehicles, etc and graphics for your advertising.


  • Positive and negative feedback from our Consumer Feedback Department. Great business owners want to hear positive and negative feedback to insure their businesses success or continued success.

Approval Feedback Card - Supplied to all APA 5 Star Approved Businesses

Customers feel comfortable reporting to us not only because we are a third party, but we keep their name confidential. In turn we can let you know about priceless business information that they would not normally say to your face or in a comment card. To find out that the receptionist is nasty when you are not around, or that your customers love the free treats you were thinking about discontinuing can mean a big difference in your bottom line: Happy customers and a profitable business.

For more information, please go to our How to Submit page or select your field from our Approval Departments on the left of this page.

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