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Please note: Industry Self Regulation is a secondary goal of the APA Approval Department. The primary goal is the APA Approval of businesses, which is a major benefit to the pet business and pet owners.

However, in many areas Government Regulations are already an issue, or becoming one. Since the Approval Program addresses many of the concerns consumers and governments have about the pet industry, we are able to help businesses with this important issue.

Voluntary Industry Self Regulation

We all know the pet industry has its ups and downs.

At the top are the true professionals that know the many aspects of their business. It is as much about the humane treatment of the animals, as it is about the quality of the services they offer and at the same time being a business person who is insuring their own success so they can be there for their clients for years to come.

At the bottom are the people looking to make a quick buck with no concern for the pets' humane treatment.

Consumers need to know who they can trust without having to experiment with their pets' well being. If a mechanic fixes your car incorrectly, it can still be fixed, but if your pet is mistreated, the damage can never be rectified.

There are many benefits to industry self regulation, and many disadvantages for government regulation. In Palm Beach County a license fee of $400 per year is required with a single annual inspection. This does little to insure humane treatment of pets, and the cost is high.

We can look to an industry with a great success for inspiration, the scuba diving industry. There is no government license needed to scuba dive, or buy equipment to scuba dive. Yet this is a dangerous sport that necessitates initial and ongoing training and equipment inspection. Organizations such as PADI, SSI and NAUI have stepped up and provided such responsible training and certification procedures so that government intervention has not been necessary.

The American Pet Association is offering the solution for the pet industry. By having an initial inspection, followed by a uniquely effective daily feedback system, the approval can be made with a high level of accuracy, the highest available. Business owners can avoid high fees and unwanted involvement from the government.

The APA has taken steps to be sure every business can be a part of this important standard for our industry. This a long term project with an uncertain outcome, but we need to do our best for our industry.

Besides, every business that raises their standards has a immediate benefit for the pet owners in their community.