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Product, Service and Facility Approval


Why use an APA Approved business?

Two problems plaguing pet owners have been how to choose a pet service provider, and how do they truly know their pet is treated well in the care of others.

The APA is finally offering a solution.

The APA Approval process is a unique, extremely effective look at a business's humane treatment of the pets in its care and the ethics and reliability of that business.  Because the approval is ongoing, it is up to date and can be relied upon by consumers. Changes to the status can be seen daily at this web site.

Consumer Feedback System:

Although physical visits to the facility are important, daily feedback is the backbone of this program. The problem with most (or all) feedback systems (Google, eBay, etc.) is that they are not monitored and therefore, exaggerated, retaliatory or misleading feedback can cost a business their reputation.

Our reputation is at stake. APA Feedback is monitored and serious negative feedback is investigated, reasonable negative feedback is considered and  unsubstantiated or inflammatory negative feedback is ignored. Of course positive and neutral feedback is given it's proper consideration as well.

Pet owners are extremely willing to provide constant, detailed feedback on their interactions with a pet business. We get a surprising amount of positive feedback, but also other feedback that requires either the business owners attention, or, in rare severe cases, out interaction.

A detailed physical annual inspection, then background and reference check followed up with daily feedback gives us the confidence to approve a business as suited for you and your pet.

So look for the APA Approved logo in your local businesses today. If you would like to recommend a business for approval, please let us know here.

The "5 Stars" of Approval

  1. Humane Treatment of pets and people
  2. Business Ethics
  3. References and ongoing feedback
  4. Annual Inspection of the facility
  5. Safety and Cleanliness of the Facility

After 1 year facilities may receive "Silver" or "Gold" 5 Star Approval Status, at no additional charge, based on outstanding features of a business.