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Frequently Asked Questions
Product Approval Specific Questions here

Q: How do I check on an approval?
A: You can check the status of an APA Approved business or product here!

Look on the APA Approval Seal for the product or businesses ID#

Q: Does the APA sell it's endorsement?
A: No. We offer product, business and service approval. We test, research and confirm product or service claims and give a report based on our findings.

Q: If you do not approve my product, will I get a refund?
A: No (and yes*). Our fee covers the costs of testing and processing applications and that fee is not affected if the approval is made or not. Also, this policy keeps us from being biased knowing we would have to offer a refund, if we do not offer the approval.

If you are not approved, you will be given a report as to why and offered the opportunity to make the necessary changes and go through the process a second time at no charge.

We have approved 99% of all applications submitted. (Please see next question, we do not accept all applications).

(*Yes - If you facility was inspected and recommended by a APA Approval Department Representative, we do guarantee approval)

Q: Does the APA accept all requests for approval?
A: No. If we feel a product or business would most likely not receive approval, we will not accept an application. If we feel an approval is questionable, we will inform the owner before accepting an application, and allow them to make the decision if they want us to continue.

Q: How long does approval take?
A: Most businesses can be approved in 2 weeks, most products can be approved in 30 days. Rush approval is available in some circumstances.

Q: How much does being approved cost?
A: The fee depends on how much time is required to complete the approval. Most businesses from $339 to $489 and most products can be approved for $250-$500.

In light of difficult economic times we can split your approval fee into  payments at no additional charge.

Q: How much is the annual renewal of my approval?
A: The APA reviews every business and product annually to maintain approval reliability. You will be given a renewal quote during initial review. The fee is very low, usually around $100 for products and 50% of the original fee for businesses.


Q: How much product is required for product approvals?
A: With most products we will need enough product to test in multiple locations; vets, humane agencies, volunteer members homes and at the APA. Some higher cost products can be shipped to numerous users to reduce costs, but this will increase the approval time.


We will do our best to require the minimum amount of product required, however in no case will a product be approved if we have not had inspected, tested and personal experience with it.