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APA Approval

 APA 5 Star Approval  

APA 5 Star Approval provides a complete inspection of the facility and processing of the application and references.  Ongoing feedback is monitored to be sure the approval is current and feedback is passed along to the business owner to help them better their business operations.

You will be able to use the APA Approved logo in your store and in all advertising.

You receive a start up package with APA 5 Star Approved Artwork, APA 5 Star Approved Stickers, Feedback Cards & APA 5 Star Approved Plaque.

You are enrolled in the "APA Business Sense" program. This includes:

Facility (multiple employees)       $489.00 or 12 payments of $45.75
Individual (one owner/operator)   $389.00 or 12 payments of $37.41

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Approval Package

Startup Package

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Please note: An inspection fee of $125 can be assessed if there is not an APA approved representative in your area.